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AC metal-enclosed switchgear

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KYN-24 Armored Removal

KYN-24 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for indoor three-phase 50/60HZ, rated voltage 24KV power system, mainly used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings, as acceptance and Allocate power and control, protect and monitor the circuit.

The main technical parameters:
Rated insulation voltage 24KV
Rated frequency 50HZ
Rated insulation level   Interphase and relatively Isolation fracture
1min power frequency withstand voltage (effective value) 60KV 50KV 79KV 65KV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) 125KV 95KV 145KV 110KV
Auxiliary control circuit power frequency withstand voltage 2500V
Rated current 630,1250,1600A 2000,2500,3150A
Rated short-circuit breaking current (effective value) 20KA,25KA 25KA,31.5KA
Rated short-circuit current (peak) 50KA,63KA 63KA,80KA
Rated short-time withstand current (4s) (effective value) 20KA,25KA 25KA,31.8KA
Rated peak withstand current (peak) 50KA,63KA 63KA,80KA
Auxiliary control circuit rated voltage DC or AC 110/220v
Protection level IP4X (IP2X for circuit breaker room door or compartment)
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