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A brief overview of photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic power plant refers to a photovoltaic power generation system that uses solar energy, adopts a power system composed of special materials such as crystalline silicon plates, inverters, and other electronic components, and is connected to the power grid and transmits power to the power grid. Photovoltaic power plants are currently the green power development energy projects that are the most encouraged by the state.
It can be divided into an independent power generation system with a battery and a grid-connected power generation system without a battery. Solar power is divided into solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. The current period of commercial solar energy refers to solar photovoltaic power generation.
Photovoltaic power generation products are mainly used in three major areas: first, providing power for non-electricity applications; second, solar-powered daily-use electronic products, such as various types of solar chargers, solar street lights, and solar meadows; and the third is grid-connected power generation. This has been widely implemented in developed countries. By 2009, China's grid-connected power generation has not yet begun to fully promote. However, part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games electricity is provided by solar power and wind power.
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