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Powder conveying

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Weightless Twin Screw Feeder (Feeder)

The twin-screw volumetric feeder is widely used in all kinds of granular powders, including powdery and fragmented materials with poor flowability. It can be used in chemical, flour, and environmental protection industries. Parts other than motors are made of 304 stainless steel. The design is simple and easy to clean and replace parts. Equipped with horizontal stirring to improve the flow of material to the screw propulsion section, making the material more smooth, and the material with poor flowability and bridging will be equipped with vertical stirring. The accuracy of blanking is less than 1%.
Specific model
Model Feed amount Material Hopper
ZS-W-01 10-50L/H Suitable for various powders and granules, etc. 20L/40L
ZS-W-02 20-1000L/H Suitable for various powders and granules, etc. 80L/120L/150L
ZS-W-03 50-3000L/H Suitable for various powders and granules, etc. 120L/150L
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