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MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is a modular low-voltage switchgear assembled from a factory using a standardized module. The technical standard complies with IEC60439-1<> and other standards. Degree of protection: in accordance with IEC60529\DIN40050 standard IP30 pairs greater than Φ2.5mm solid protection IP40 pairs larger than Φ1.0mm solid protection IP54 protection against dust and spurts in any direction (need to negotiate with the manufacturer when ordering IP54 protection level).

The main technical parameters:
Rated insulation voltage 660V
Rated operating voltage 380,660V
Main bus maximum operating current 5500A(IP00),4700A(IP30)
Main bus short-time withstand current 100KA(Eff,Value)
Short-term peak current of main bus 250KA(Max,Value)
Vertical distribution bus maximum operating current 1000A
Short-time peak current of vertical distribution bus Standard type 90KA
Enhanced 130KA
Protection level IP30,IP40,IP54
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